Our main principle is to preserve the best of what the mountain nature gives in its original form, this is why we constructed a state-of-the-art plant with a strict quality control.

We protect the health of our and your children, so we don't use any harmful vegetable fats and palm oil, which could damage health. Our families also love and drink our milk.

Our brands

TM «Novaya Derevnya»

Novaya Derevnya represents the widest range of products manufactured by the company. It includes basic dairy products (milk, kefir, butter, sour cream, etc.), and dessert products (milkshakes, cereal yoghurts). The products of this brand are intended for modern people concerned about the natural origin and environmental friendliness of products.

TM «Goryanka»

Our products are our pride, so we closely monitor each production stage. We produce more than 200 fresh, tasty and environmentally friendly dairy products under our own trademarks 24 hours a day.

TM «Dolce Vita»

"Dolce Vita" is a yoghurt line including 6 flavours for those who appreciate excellent taste and exceptional naturalness. The yoghurts are made from natural milk from the Elbrus region, and only fruit syrup is used as additive. Due to its large packaging it can be considered not only as a treat or dessert, but also as a proper breakfast.

TM «Alparo»

Alparo is a unique brand that changes the consumer's view of melted processed cheese. The Alparo processed cheese consists of completely natural ingredients, and only natural additives (basil, mushrooms, paprika) are used for its production. The traditional smoking technology using natural sawdust of valuable wood species gives it a peculiar taste and a matchless memorable smell. Apart from melted cheese, the product line also features Dutch and Russian semi-hard cheeses, as well as cream cheese.

TM «Khozyayushka alpiyskikh lugov»

The Khozyayushka Alpiyskikh Lugov brand was designed specially for housewives taking care of their large close-knit families, who always need to have a strategic supply of basic dairy products in the fridge. The products are available both in standard and HoReCa packaging. It is popular with consumers due to its low price and large packs.

TM «Chaban»

The products of the Chaban brand are distinguished by their unique ingredients, since they are made from milk of brood cows grazing in the alpine meadows of the Elbrus region and pure spring water. This is the premium quality flagship line labelled with the Halal sign. It includes both traditional and special Caucasian products.

TM «Fermer»

"Fermer" is a young brand offering the consumers high-quality spreads and sour cream in a well-designed safe packaging. The advantage of the brand is that its products have longer shelf life due to the usage of modern equipment, packaging in sterile conditions and compliance with all hygienic standards. The packaging features the image of a humble, amiable farmer and appeals to many customers.

TM «Alpiyskaya ferma»

"Alpiyskaya ferma" is a young brand that offers the consumers spreads of the highest quality. No artificial additives, harmful dyes and GMOs are used during the production process.

Product Categories


Butter is a tasty and nutritious product, indispensable for all people throughout the world. Our dairy plant produces butter of consistent high quality. 

High-tech equipment, experienced professionals and strict compliance with following all formulations allow to preserve all benefits of the Elbrus milk for our consumers.

Dairy desserts are not only delicious, but also healthy! All our dairy desserts are made from fresh milk, including sweet Snezhok drink, condensed milk with sugar, or popular chocolate and strawberry milkshakes.

Sour cream is a traditional Russian product manufactured at the Nalchik dairy plant with the utmost attention to formulations, as well as raw materials and ingredients supply.
We have inherited old secrets for manufacturing different types of cheese (pickled cheese, hard cheese, cheese spread) and applied them at our plant.
Cottage cheese is one of the most well-known and wholesome fermented dairy products. Our company is the only one in Russia that manufactures not only traditional unsalted, but also unique salted cottage cheese (КIАЛД).